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   1. $$ or food to feed the  288 + orphans + drinkable water & gas

 2. Shoes and underwear for them -2 to 14 years old (and a few older kids )

 3. $$$ to pay for the 22 teachers and 15 helpers (cooks, etc) and a security guard at night, about $6,000 a month ,

 4. $1,200/month for telephones/internet and electricity/trash pick up

 5. $1,000/month for gas & repairs for the Jeep and $$ to get second hand bus and insurance

 6. 200 more computers, + specially laptops. (older computers are also welcomed).

 7. $800 to $1,300/month for extra teachers in English, computers, sowing, art and music

 8. Curriculum books, 5 books per student per 115 students, books cost $60.00 per student.

 8. And of course towels, bathing suits, vitamins, dried fruits, nuts, batteries, crayons, color books, backpacks, toys, games, seeds for the garden, stickers to reward students and lots of hugs and smiles!

 Once this is taken care of, then we have a:

- a new classrooms project for upstairs

Dominica's goals are:
two children kinder garden for age 2 to 5 years old.
A Basic school from first grade to high school.
A system of hygiene including showers and washing clothes.
A kitchen department service with three meal per day for 215+ to 300 children.
A music class to lift up their soul while learning how to play an instrument.
A computer & information department with 50+ students & and two teachers. 
Afternoon English classes  with 80+ students. 
Our Circle of Women in Crisis Project.
Funds to run telephones, electricity, salaries for 22 people,  general maintenance, fluorescent lights for classrooms and security at night, detergent, daily garbage pick-up, batteries, vegetable, chicken, cereal, bread, oil.
Bring in more sponsors and volunteers.  A child at $120/month covers his food/education/books/ clothes/medicine/snacks in the morning or clinic bills if child is sick.
All of these are our current activities or expenses which we deal with on a daily basis. We would prefer to have all these projects covered before starting a new one. After that we can create or add new things. Blessings to you and your continuous support  - Dominica


Km. 19 Autopista Las Americas, Sector La Ureña
Santo Domingo D.R 

Tel.809-335 6154

What is always needed: bathing suits, towels, games, vitamins.

 11. Better protection around the whole area, (orphanage side) wires etc... to protect the equipment (inverter, refrigerators etc) That security budget is about $3,000.

Internet/telephone at school  $100/month.


Here are Dominica's other dream one day
To train 17 kids to be teachers one day and to start another orphanage if possible,  so they find a job.  Marienis , Rosana, Erydalis, Yeli, Paola, Athenas & more are already taking care of small children in the morning and studying in the afternoon. As Dominica wants orphans to give back to the school that raised them!


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