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              December 6

“We just shipped 2 x 40lbs bags to Dominica, via a friend, of clothes AND essential oils as they were totally out: immune up, Virus out, Sinus, Tiger,  head relief, Childhood Trauma, Stress out, Digestive, Peppermint, Oregano and Love,  that will prevent flu, coughing, digestive issue or Dengue and save precious $. Remember to save your expired medicine as it is better than nothing in Santo Domingo.  And also your old laptop or tablets.“ Marie

“Currently, we have an opportunity to acquire a small piece of land which is connected to our dinning area and kitchen; these two facilities have not back doors to deposit garbage or to run water when the ladies wash the floor. It will also allow moré space for the amount of children that we currently have. 

I kindly want to share this need with you so you can share with your friends for a possible acquisition in the near future. The cost is $ 15,000 US for the orphanage and this  is only because of the program we have for the children. I felt the need to share this with you as it is one of the top wish list for this end of the year. 

Our children are the best from the whole island, their values, love and respect, gratitude make them different from the rest of the Dominican children. Our school is rated from the school
board district as #1 and this is my major satisfaction, to see how they impact the outside world, being good citizens for their country and the community.

Once again we would Love you to come and meet us and spend time with the children here. Many blessings,” Dominica


November 14, 2014

Our dear Marie,


We have organized circle of prayers with over 300 hundred of the children ages 6 to 14 years old. We are kindly requesting to our Majesty Father for some support . There is not enough food to give the Kids three meals a day. We need an emergency help to purchase our regular shopping list item for two months. The local food store stopped the credit as we have not paid for over a month. Please Marie try to read and be our ángel as you have always been aware of the help we need for feeding our children.

Here is some of the latest pictures of the orphanage. 

Many blessings and peace to you ,


Girl is hungry Kids Meditating

October 9 2014

“My Marie,

How are you doing so far? Where are you at this point? Our prayers are with you always in each space of our lives.

Over five hundred children attend our school on a regular basis. Half of them are ok, but the other half are the ones that we feed and keep until 7:00 at night before they return to relatives and substitute families, and sleep most of the time on the floor.  The dormitories serve as emergency when substitute families do not come or experience difficulties. 223 are fed three meals a day and this is one of our biggest headaches: to find food for this group. The food stores in the neighborhood often stop credit because of the high amount necessary . It has been close to two months. Also Electricity has been disconnected for close to three weeks now. 


My daughter Athenas left for Spain after filing a large amount of paperwork which took me close to a month and a half to put together. Finally she is with Patrizia (your volunteer friend for three years) and her family. At this time she will be staying for a month and the family will search the possibility to find a veterinary school for her to return in January. Pena/Junior was tested and accepted in an academy pilot school to study for four years, here in the D.R


Our urgent needs that keep me struggling at this time in my life are as follow:

-       funds to connect electricity maybe we can pay for three months.

-       Funds to access food places as well as potable water.

-       If i am blessed with extra $, we need to repair all the guitars and instruments that are in need of repair for the afternoon classes.

-       The inversor that was donated by one of your angels 10 years ago, needs also to be repaired, it is not functioning for the computer department. Expect pictures my dear in a few minutes,,,,

We love you as our angel on this Earth”, Dominica Rosario

June 21, 2014

Dear Marie, 

I am informing to you that next graduation will come on June 29th at 4:00pm, This year we have 90 graduates that will be receiving their diplomas and 34 of the high school kids will be leaving or facing the outside world. 

Here are pictures of your graduares children.  

All those pictures are the ones of this year high school graduates who do not have $1300 to go to university for 1 year

Marie, ii just have this Week before this event and a few needed things are such in need in order to acomplished once again this new door for many of the children. We kindly request funds wire within this early Week, if it is possible for you angel. I will be sending pictures after this ceremony. I have not received support toward and for this program.

God and hi holy spirit bless you always,

April 12, 2014

 I just came back from my visit to Santo Domingo at Dominica Orphanage & School and I am so impressed.  It keeps on growing: Dominica now provides an education to 512 children.  We started with 120 students ten years ago!  Today, she is able  to FEED 280 children at least one meal a day. The Director of The Orphanage Dominica Rosario, has a real hard time to find the required $4,000 a year for the food!  She receives on a regular basis funds to feed only 120 students.  So all contributions are extremely necessary and welcome, since Dominica cannot let a child go to bed hungry at night

 Dominica already offers the educational program to children with no sponsor so they can attend the classes, but the curriculum requires 5/6 books at $20 each.  However, the children who are extremely good listeners , do well in class.

She also would like more money $$$ for her teachers.   Due to the lack of funds, a lot of them leave for higher pay once Dominica has trained them in her unusual yet highly effective educational method.  Dominica’s teaching is so unique most of her graduates always get the best scores of the island, which always impresses the Minister of Education and is recognized by the president of the Dominican Republic.

 This education will guarantee these children later in life employment to any responsible job because they are great listeners, hard workers, have manners. We have some students in the EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM who were offered double salary, even before they graduated. And the university students easily gets jobs of responsibility with Verizon, Claro and so on.

I asked Dominica to let her assistants operate the daily activities of the School/Orphanage and see if she can attend and speak at educational workshops outside Dominican Republic and talk about her unique method (based on  using love and the heart).  In fact, her students in education can   graduate in 2 years instead of 4.  I may be working on developing this program down  the line, starting  next year.

In the meantime, the kids need clothes, books, food of course, and computers (only 14 of them right now for all the students, and we need at least 60 –recycled laptops are ideal since internet is at school now.)

At this time, hundreds of children are on the waiting list to attend her school.  However, there is NO room to build another classroom, as she already built classrooms on every inch available!  unless we build an upper floor.  

Many years ago, Dominica could have stayed in the US and finish a PHD in Psychology, but decided to come home so she could help the orphans she was raised with. What a magnificent job she has done

I shed a tear as I see her daughter Athenas and my long time favorite Peno/Junior ready to go to University in a few months.

Well done Dominica  and I want to thank all the contributors who have made this possible, especially Alain, Ali, Ellie, Phyllis, Linda, Waldi… the list is long-  “


October 7:  "Hola Marie.... My jeep ended, it  is not working anymore. The mechanic does not give many guarantee of being fixed. I have waited since Monday to hear words and his conclusion was it is not worth repair.  I 've been renting a car for $ 500 pesos (about $15 a day).

I have to do multiple things and be available for the emergencies...I am frustrated without transportation.

Let's ask the Universe and see what it can surprise us with." Dominica

Dominica uses that jeep for everything, 24x7 and transport easily 12 kids in it.  No wonder it is tired.  

so lets visualize a new transportation.  Thank You As always you can write a check to City of Joy Aid.

SEPTEMBER 25. 2013

Long silence as I got too busy though I am supposed to be retired! But Dominica keeps on expanding so more children can be fed, educated and enjoy life. She welcomed this year100 more than last year!

"We are happy to tell you and your friends to pray and think of the children as we begin a great school year 2013-2014! Over 512  students are enrolled this year.

Through your Dominica Orphanage and School web page,  we need to express gratitude to the ones who made it possible that all these children and adolescents had the opportunity of being enrolled in a program that change their health, teach them the importance of being focus in school, music, responsibility, honesty and multiple productive programs that are transforming their lives and  people around them. (see pictures of typical home for a lot of these students).


This is how most of the new children live in The Cry area

Typical scene outside of orphanage: everyone help themselves to electricity, and the few who pay bills, pays 2 or 3 times the price


  A lot of gratitude to Lee MacDonald and the 4 teams from Hand Middle School in SC who came and repaired, built and created for the kids this summer. And we also want to thank the Blue House Effect Org.  from Ontario, Canada who sent extra funds for this year text books on top of their regular monthly support during the Summer and last school year, for our feeding program.

 Gratitude also from all the children from the Cry to the B.H.E Org and also to Circle of Friends for its balance.

I thank you on behalf of the very little children who still don"t know how to write thank  you  notes.  I thank your City of Joy contributors for helping us with the  salary for three  teachers as well as responding in time of emergencies....

 Thank you Marie and your light group of  meditation.


Here is new building for the younger ones who comes early, wash, eat and

leave after school & homework

new room for dance, music, art, meetings, etc


dining room

bus for an outing

They will eat it all after prayers




MAY 5 2013: Hello again after a web crash 2 months ago, we are finally back in operation and bring you photos that I, Mika and Eloi took in february! Enjoy them, they are in a video ready if you click below Alleluia!

Latest Pictures 2013

 FEBRUARY 20 2013: I had a wonderful time as usual on this beautiful island. I did not take kids to hotel this time, as I came later But I got to see children who had negative energy around them, for example after Haiti earthquake', or the murder of their mother etc Thanks to a Japanese friend with special gifts, those children are free of those burdens.

Of course Dominica continues to make miracles every day whether it is stretching her food budget to feed over 200 kids every week Or rescuing a teenager at a clinic Or supervising the construction of 4 new classrooms for the Young ones Or finding 50 newer computers for the students class. They have now only 15 computers for 460 students. Laptops are so welcome. It looks like Dominica is using part of the dormitories to welcome all the volunteers helping out in teaching or construction projects as the babies need practically one extra persons to help one or two infants It is very gratifying to see Peno/junior who has now been named officially to graduate next year. And Athena or Sebastian etc next year's

I wish Dominica would rest more, but I guess it is not in her nature. Not only does she take care of all problems and emergencies at the orphanage and the school, but she takes care also of 3 in her own house New projects are also numerous, but they seem to be handled by specific groups, like the Methodist church in S.C. working on new classrooms for the little ones (see photos)

Mikael Zayat’s son was just here and I can't help remember when the original school needed financial help to finish the first 5 classrooms, then the computer room only 9 or 10 years ago and it seems like it was only yesterday. Eloi, Mika and I took wonderful pictures. We will put them on the website soon. So I praise Dominica and her devotion and wish there would be more like her! Blessings - Marie

December 7 2012: "Dear Supporters and Friends, Merry Christmas!

May the grace of the Universe give you joy, calm, satisfaction for the wonderful blessings of God's work here in Santo Domingo, D. R. during the year 2012. We just received $1500 from you, City of Joy Aid. It was a real blessing, since we recently had to deal with a lawsuit from a teacher that left school over a year ago and wanted close to $5,000. So we were able to put food in the storage room. It was really needed. Now there will be food on Monday! Milk, juice, cereal, bread and eggs etc. for the next weeks.

December is when I need to make the teachers and staff smile, giving them a double salary. It is a requirement from the government. I’ll be praying for some good response when your friends open their heart. Please let me know if your/our friends remember our program during this Christmas season.

Christmas Eve dinner will be sponsored by the Blue House Effect Org. and all its great friends, uncles and aunts from Canada. A very special dinner is expected this year from Allana Rose, the president of the BHE Org. and Val Morrison, Vice Pdt. 150 children and adolescents are going to be participating celebrating the birth of the world Baby King.

Also celebrating outside on the patio are our 70 new childrem from the Cry, one of the poorest area of the DR, Shandon United Methodist Church and friends from Columbus, South Carolina, are giving our seventy 70 new children an opportunity to receive a toy, a plate of special food: an apple, a piece of pork and a chicken, Christmas rice, grapes and some other treats as surprise! This is the first Christmas for these little seventy angels!


May The Holy Spirit watches over you and brings prosperity, health and joy to Allana Rose, for her monthly on time funds that sustain a good portion of our general needs.

Pastor Jo ice Stone and her Christ of Cornerstone Church members, with Gayle Schultes , her coordinator here in the D.R, for all her years sending shoe boxes Christmas presents, as well as money on a monthly basis.

Jean and P.B. Dye, since the time they met us have not stopped extending our worthy work of love, in sending people and needed items here in the orphanage/school.

Leanne Amore and her family, we thank you for your breakfast fund-raiser donation which was great this year.

Ali and his lovely wife for his $700 monthly donation: We thank him for his generosity toward the children here.

Dr. Hall and his wife/Circle of Friends Inc. Dr. Hal Crosswell and his wife, Kathy/Circle of Friends Inc. and also United Methodist Volunteers in Mission from South Carolina. They all accomplished one of our goals and visions of many years: The 2nd floor with four new classrooms for our Middle School children at the Dominica School. Thank you, Dear God for all these light beings! Be the change you want to see in the world.

Thank you, thank you from all of us," Dominica.

And wonderful new helpers doing so much on their own, to help Dominica and her many tasks. We need more people like them. Thank you. December 15 2012:

"I Just spoke to Dominica and the 5 most important things she needs are:

1. More $$$ for food. Out of 470 kids going to school, 135 pay no tuition and 215 are fed by her!

2. $150 for Internet at the school each month. Adolescents need it.

3. $1,000/month to pay for 5 teachers salaries on a regular basis.

4. Downpayment for a Van (current one is more often at the shop than in use)A good 2nd hand costs US$21,000

5. $$$ towards construction of the 3rd floor. I believe $75,000

You can send donations till January 4 as I am leaving for 1 month in DR on January 8th.As usual a check made out of City of Joy Aid sent to 9501 4th Place - Lorton, VA 22079 is the easiest way. Blessings and have wonderful and peaceful holidays! Marie"


This summer help is needed to build the 3rd floor of the Dominica School in the Dominican Republic. The cost is $75,000 to build this phase of the school.

Education is the key to life for the children living in The Cry near the Dominica School in La Urena, Santo Domingo. Seventy more children will have a chance at life when the 3rd floor is finished.

There is a waiting list to attend the Dominica School. The little girl in the picture is waiting. She will be able to attend school if the 3rd floor is built. If the floor is not finished, her chances of ever attending school are slim. She’s waiting. She wants to go to school. Help her by helping to build the 3rd floor of the Dominica School.

September 16 & Oct 2 012: All our new high school graduates are at the university but one. Dominica was able to receive the first 3 months for 6 students. and here is what is needed for the 2nd trimester (and then third of course): 1. Ana Luisa $US$153; 2. Vianka US$269; 3. Maite US$656; 4. Williams US$654; 5. Yeritza US$690 and 6. Mario US$315. Only one left to go when he receives the $315 needed. And in January she will need $900 each for these new students at the university. I helped for the 3 months of 6 students, can you spread the word around. $1200/year is little when you compare the price at universities in the US. Really! - and welcome to Nicoleta who decided to sponsor Luisauriswhose mother was killed by her father and is now in jail. Marie
  September 12, 2012:

Hello dear Marie...Here are a few pictures of the last work that we are currently doing. The kids in blue are 70 children from the Cry of La Urena that were on the waiting list and that I opened the door for a better chance of living and education in their lives. With the new addition to our current building, four new classrooms upstairs, the orphanage and school facilitate a worthy place for them to be educated. At the same time we feed these kids and care for their needs and their spiritual values.

We would appreciate it if your group of wonderful followers of our work, those that have been involved in our program. and in one way or another  have helped in the past, we kindly open our mouth for continued support. Every day, every year we can see them changing into adaptable, productive, good citizens, young men and women and that is our major gift and satisfaction. Thanks to you, Allana Rose from the BHE and a group of real angels on Earth, our referenced and leading orphanage/school is an example for our island and many more in the Caribbean. Many people come and see what can be done when money, passion and effort plus Universe guidance are put together and focus in one direction. 

Thank you so much for the magnificent work that you keep doing through all these years. Because of you, many Angels have found us! You have been an inspiration for many of our supporters. I should also mention Allana Rose Featherstone who has never stopped either for the last ten years or so. She gives a solid stable financial support on a monthly basis that keep the whole program sustainable. As well as Mrs. Jean Dye, Gayle Schultles with her Circle of Friends. We keep working hard and praying for other disciples to come and see the work in this piece of land. Some or our prayers have been answered by the visit of the last construction group, belonging to a Methodist Church in South Carolina. Ms. Lee Macdonald has been deeply touched and is currently active with our needs and also our teachers' improvements, with the new techniques of teaching what we call, Critic thinking, setting high academic expectations. 

We have en-rolled this year 460 children and adolescents who I personally invited to join our special heart to assist our program. Still we have a long way to go and we have the hope that someday soon we can function with real budget in order to have a more smooth and manageable work for me and the rest of the teachers and staff.

 I will continue writing you as i have to stop to start classes.  Blessing, Dominica

Here are the latest photos of the NEW Students - Though Dominica accepted 70 new students from the poor of the poor section of La Urena, she still has many on a waiting list! May be we will receive funds for building a third floor soon. Miracles do manifest when you keep visualizing them with passion. But all this would not happen without our hard working magician: Dominica. - Blessings Marie.


July 4, 2012:

I just received the pictures of the progress of the 2nd floor being built and I know they work hard to accept new students in the fall. And Dominica just had the graduation for the second time of HIGH SCHOOL students going to University. This is the pride of Dominica because her students are good students and with the formation she gave them, they will do good in life. Of course she needs $$$ for their university first year, and for computers which are lacking in numbers for such a large school now. Plus of course the minimum furniture etc for the new large classrooms when they open. So have a great summer but dont forget our little dominicans orphans. Blessings" Marie




















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