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June 9, 2017

My trip to Dominican Republic was highlighted by the visit of Mikael Zayat and myself to Dominica Orphanage. As Mikael helped at the very beginning, some 15 years ago, when I managed with family and friend to buy the 1 acre land and start building 4 classrooms . I ran out of funds so Mikael came to the rescue. And this was the first time he actually saw and experienced all what Dominica manifested for the 515 children now attending the school/orphanage. Very impressive indeed.

It was Mikael Zayat first time since we helped Dominica buy the lot and then build the first 4 classrooms., with 11 classrooms, we also brought  lots of essential oils for the children

The children welcomed us by clapping for our arrival. What a FABULOUS WELCOME, we were nearly in tears of joy to realize this would not likely have manifested if not for our helping hands.  We later helped for the computer room, a second floor, and kids class rooms in the garden. The orphanage section was from another donor, with a dormitory for some 30 kids and a large dining room that feeds more than 250 children with 3 meals a day when funds are available. They arrive at 6:00 am, get shower and breakfast, then school, lunch and diner before going to a family (teachers or grandparents) offering them a bed (or floor).

There were prayers, with guitars. And children went after​wards​ to their afternoon classes, or did their homework.

  I enjoyed the most the 2 rooms, next to the garden where 100 children in the first and 2nd grade learn and play –a donation from Mr. George. Those rooms were added 2 and 3 years ago.  Also the upstairs 4 classrooms, new to me. And a large room upstairs, next to dormitory for activities, singing class, arts, guitars class, English  etc  All together 512 children attend Dominica orphanage.  

Dominica does an incredible job with the limited funds she receives.



Enjoy the photos of the event and hopefully more will be shared by Dominica or Mikael.

You will notice the kids look happy because they have been "rescued" by Dominica (most of their parents did not know how to read or write) and one day will be able to get good job and contribute.

Yes our hearts were filled with love and gratitude. Alleluia.  

March 1st, 2017

I am heading to Santo Domingo for one month and hope to visit the orphanage, with Mikael Zayat, who contributed at the very beginning when we first bought the land and built the first 4 classrooms.  He is in for a shock at the school and orphanage now thanks to the amazing work and care of Dominica and the miracles produced by all  the unsung heroes who cared.

February 2017

Has Alain received your oils yet? I am totally in need of those oils. The kids are sick specially the group from 2 to 5 years old.

I need you to know that electricity in the orphanage and school was paid only half two months ago. It is getting into three months and we received a call saying that we need to come up with the amount. I don't want it to be cut off as the classrooms get too dark while teachers teach. If you have received funding, please send it to our account...

 Could you assist me once again with my rent please? I don't really have this kind of money to renew this rent Marie and you are the only one who have always been thinking and worried about my living conditions and the 3 to 5 children I help. The rest of the donors focus mainly on the children welfare and not on the person who has made possible this remarkable labor of love 24x7 for the humble and needy children here in the DR.

January  2017

I have a great feeling that  the orphanage/school programs and I  will find the divine light and the divine power in this new year 2017.  As  you can imagine the beginning of the year after Christmas celebration is really tight and we have bills for
 Internet, bakery, and electricity! It would be very thoughtful of you to contribute  to these needs please.
 Without your long support (nearly 20 years!) we all think that this  ministry would not be able to do all
 these miracles through all these  years.

 Take good care angel and we see you soon.”  Dominica

Thank you  Marie so much from all the children hearts! The oils have been a great medicine for all kind of virus and sickness to  all the children and staff  here.  We kindly hope for you to find a good angel to be
 willing to donate the essential oils so we have them in our medicine boxes. Hundred of children come daily to us
 with  different kind of problems, and we  have nothing  to assist them. So add the  needed oil list to your meditation basket!

 November 2016

We are happy to tell you that your friends  prayed and thought of the children as we begun a great school year  2016-2017! Over 512  students are enrolled this year.

 Through your Dominica Orphanage and School web page,  we need to express  gratitude to the ones who made it possible that all these children and  adolescents, had the opportunity of being enrolled in a program that  change their health, teach them the importance of being focus in school, music, responsibility, honesty and multiple productive programs that are transforming their lives and  people around them. (see pictures of typical home for a lot of these students)

 I thank you on behalf of the very little children that still  don"t know how to write thank  you  notes.  I thank your City of Joy contributors for  helping us with the  salary for three  teachers as well as responding in time of
 emergencies.....Thank you Marie and your light group of  meditation.

 *A large participation sending extra funds for this year text books was  the Blue House Effect Org.  from Ontario.
 * A continue monthly support during the Summer and last school year, for  our feeding program. Gratitude from all the children from the Cry to the  B.H.E Org and also to Circle of Friends for its balance.

Marie...A Wish List for this educational year.
 * electricity cost $ 12, 000 D.R.
 * propane gas $ 16.000 D.R.
 * four of the high school graduated going to vocational private schools $3,100 each.


November 15 2016

"The real emergencies after the hurricane are somehow handled, BUT WE still NEED TO COVER the children with no food support, and all the bills for the facilities.

Dominica also needs essential oils of immune up, virus and headache out, digestive, Herpex, etc, but I can no longer give them for free as I have for 15 years and my retirement income would not cover. If someone wants to donate to Dominica and the kids, the wish lists come to $1300, after a 25% discount

Dominica is still doing a terrific job for the 3 to 500 children under her care but the needs don’t disappear!  So with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming, maybe you may remember them*


October 18 2016

 Wonderful news from Dominica after Hurricane Mathew. Needs are still huge though Mehdi helped quite a bit.


October 9 & 13, 2016


We are here still dealing with cracks and leaking from the roofs of a few classrooms since hurricane Mathew passed through the island. We have to give a maintenance to the roof  specially for these extended weeks of rains and storms. This project is on our wish list as a priority. The teachers and students have to deal with it while they are teaching and learning,

The feeding program under our care  is going well so far. We are manifesting 50 more  children to be supported with  three meals a day. We still would need to bring 50 more from the 225 we have on the current list. Jeannie and P.B Dye and  her Circle Of Friends, have already sponsored 50 from this group and it is costing them US$ 1500 per month. It includes milk, cereal, beans, spaghettis, all kind of ingredients, detergents, toilet paper, garbage bags, and any other kitchen or school items needed for the facility. It has been a great substantial help for the daily program. The Tender love of our Heavenly Father bless Jean and her Circle of Friends.

The $ 5000 commitment from the wonderful Hawleys and their Foundation at First Community Church, assist eight of the educators and expanded to the general needs. Thanks to this family we were able to continue this huge program, giving assistance and doing all our best efforts to maintain the different expenses we face each month. As our current budget for 30 days is close to  $ 12,000.  Missing $2000 for tuition (from students not belonging to our social Plan), we are facing a lack, an unbalance as we close  each month. We have CURRENTLY 19 Teachers and assistants for the school division, ( eight are covered by the Hawleys) seven staff ARE for the orphanage; all of these people are under salaries, BUT WE NEED TO COVER the children with no food support, and all the bills for the facilities.

We all want to call ON you to join us with this program of transformation, lives saved and hope. We already have over 22 years with open doors for those adolescents, for the children and families looking for light and hope within their souls.

We almost can say that we have the best children from The island! This little piece of Earth here in La Ureña,  Domimican Republic, is like an Oasis  and a Dream for many humble orphans, extremely poor and/or No responsible parents.

We need to mention Tio Mehdi and thank him for sharing his funds from his personal work , every time he has enough to send to us here!

City of Joy and Marie Allizon (leAnne, Chris, etc) where most of these Angels have discovered us, and without which this would not have been possible. Ms. Marie have given most of her youth and still keeps trying hard to see our program doing miracles with such a small group of benefactors, donors.

We invite you to come and visit the school and the orphanage as the kids  are often looking forward for friends, for families, for hugs, for great smiles.

Allana Rose and all her Canadian group, we thank you for the save shelter, the orphanage facility you all built for all the generations who have passed and the ones coming through. We are full of  gratitude and you will never be forgotten!



  February - March 2016

1.      This is a good time (Thanksgiving) to say that you have been very helpful to our program. Thanks to Mehdi, Pete, Lisa, Donna, Chris, Carole, Ellie, Amir, Ali, & Leanne and many more, for being extremely supportive through difficult time during this year. Thank you so much for being kind to us and taking time for thinking of us. On behalf of all the children and adolescents kisses and many hugs to you and your circle of friends “Dominica”.

2.  Someone asked about Our Wish List for this upcoming year. What is on website plus:

- A sponsor to support food for the weekends $ 1100/year

- The extra $$ necessary to support teachers salaries.  We are missing now $1600/month

- A transportation Van to pick up food from the market, do chores and transport kids around : $ 22,000 for a second hand one

- And of course old laptops… tablets… CD… vitamins, Shoes and clothes for age 2 to 15

- School and drawing material is always welcome

3. As of now, there is no Christmas plans for the children, as there is no money to pay for it. Dominica is quite concerned as each of the 288 she is responsible for, expect something. We will see if our sponsors will manifest it.



You can DONATE online here


 Checks made out to City of Joy Aid ( tax deductible (IRS # 54-156-6941)   US non profit (501(C)(3)  
write  Dominica on left hand corner)
9501 4th Place - Lorton VA 22079   - USA


Photos show you part of the 488 children Dominica educate this year. She feeds 188 with 1 to 3 meals/day depending of funds.



October 2015

October 3, 2015 

Dearest Marie and Pete,                 

 Hoping this email find you well and blessed! We are all working 24 hours every single day with our kids.  At this time 19 out of the 265 children are going through a cold, cough and fever and are all in bed since Saturday. Virus out, a great essential oil created by Marie Allizon,  has helped the kids significantly for years. 

We want to let you know that we are going through very difficult times right now  and maybe You can give us a hand like you have done before. We have no electricity and because of it, no water to run the pump. The women who bathe the very little ones are so tired of carrying buckets from the school to the orphanage.

Other current needs are fill up the storage room with food so we can cover the three meals daily, as at this point the children and the staff who watch the little ones are only getting one meal and a little snack for dinner. In April, the government promised to give us food on a monthly basis but nothing yet. We keep hoping and trust God that it happens real soon. 

Also we had to take back 19 of the kids who were in substitute families and put them in the dormitories. The social workers found that those 19 were not well treated.  Of course, we need to feed them also. 

Many hugs and kisses from all of us down here.


Dominica and the children 

March, 2015       

Two wonderful volunteers came to the orphanage to cut hair and fix computers for a few days, Christopher Reddmann and Jim Tegge." It was a life changing experience and we cant wait to go back'. 

Here are their pictures

They are planning to go back in December.

Kids need more of this show of love. - Marie


February 20, 2015

I have a new protege; Darson Paniagua, 4.5 years old. His father was killed on the way back from work.  His has a brother called Hector Emmanuel.

I am going to be in Santo Domingo in March for 3 weeks and plan to take lots of pictures of those 2 boys, who I am sure would love to have a sponsor. Can you spread the word.?

I think Dorson looks like an ET!!!


Since I am heading to the orphanage next week, I will take many photos and give lots of hugs. Dominica is in dire needs of funds since my main sponsor sold his business and stopped contributing after 8 years of wonderful support. And another steady contributor for Dominica from Canada is retiring at the end of this school year. 

So we need some volunteers who will sponsor a child ($50 to $100 depending of the level of support) to help Dominica feed the children. And it is urgent.  

 Our circle of women in crisis and the kids are all connected via groups of thirty praying for teachers,  meals and better daily support for our huge program here. Some teachers and staff have not been paid in months.URGENTLY NEEDED $5000 (five thousand dollars).   So I visualize a few good souls to help Dominica pursue her work, instead of putting kids back to the streets because of lack of funds.  I count on you. Blessings - Marie



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